Friday, October 23, 2009

Recent happenings

So I've actually made no real progress on the game. Where I currently am requires some actual in depth research, so I've put the script aside to do some artwork and maybe get some reviewing down. Its funny, cause I'm temporarily believe I may be able to create an actual team to get working on it.

In other news, with the severe anticipation I have for the upcoming Yakuza 3 US release in 2010, and the TGS trailer for Yakuza 4 and am getting a PS3 through TigerDirect via BillmeLater. The problem is that I've heard many a mixed reviews about billmelater, so I have to REALLY pay attention to not get screwed.

Other than that, I have a job now(Gamestop) so I should be kinda set for a while, as long as I get hours. Though, those seem to be rare because of its not the holiday yet >.>

Anyways stay tuned. :D

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